Nylon Hinged Screw Covers

Nylon Hinged Screw Covers fit #6, #8 and #10 screws (Metric M3, M4 and M5). These screw covers are ideal for round head, pan head, truss head, rivets and other ‘flat bottomed’ fastener heads.

Hinged Screw Covers hide your screw heads and protect them from rust and corrosion. The cap is attached to the base washer by a hinge which folds away neatly when the cap is engaged. They are made from high-impact UV stabilized plastic.
Nylon Hinged Screw Covers are used in the RV, boat, appliance, furniture, woodworking, automotive and construction industries.

Nylon Hinged Screw Covers conceal the head of the fastener, finish off the design of the product, giving it a clean appearance.

Nylon Hinged Screw Covers are available in several colors.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.


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