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The POWER-SKRU BOLT ANCHOR™ is a high-strength screw anchor with self-taping threads that offer a unique undercutting design for anchoring into concrete and masonry.

Foundation anchor bolts are used in the building, construction, and repair of wood and metal structures, such as building columns, posts, street lighting, traffic signals, highway signs, porch and deck supports and much more in concrete and footings.

WEJ-IT™ Hollow Set Drop-In Anchors are internally threaded expansion anchors. They are designed for anchoring in hollow substrates such as hollow-core, precast, and post-tension slabs. They can also be used in solid base materials.

We carry all types of work gloves which are personal protective equipment worn during work projects that cover and protect the hands from the wrist to the fingers. Work gloves are meant to save the user’s hands and fingers from unnecessary wounds such as cuts, blisters, splinters, skin punctures or heat and chemical burns.

Personal protective equipment refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter.

Stainless steel provides corrosion resistance against atmospheric conditions, moisture, salt, and other extremes of weather. Often used in marine applications.

TOGGLER® Brand SNAPTOGGLE® Heavy-Duty Hollow Wall Anchors carry twice the load in a smaller hole than standard anchors. Other benefits of using our Toggler® Bolt Anchors are that they are reusable in the same hole just by removing the screw without losing the anchor in the wall, it is a simple one-person installation and the metal channel pushes aside any insulation behind the wall.

F1554 Grade 55 Threaded Rod is manufactured from high strength, low alloy, 55 ksi yield strength steel.

The F1554 Specification is designed to cover Threaded Rods, Studs, or Anchor Bolts that will be used as structural supports in concrete foundations.

A thread forming tapping screw with spaced threads and a gimlet point.

Allied Bolt & Screw carries Residential Solar Panel Hardware.