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Allied Bolt and Screw offers heavily discounted MONTHLY SPECIALS.  This month’s  specials  are geared to the electrical trade, although all contractors may find great savings here.

Allied Bolt and Screw now carries Excellent Quality U.L. Approved 16 and 20 Amp Indoor and Weather-Resistant White GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). 

ALLIED BOLT AND SCREW carries over 10 different sizes of HOT GALVANIZED SQUARE WASHERS, ½” through 1” diameters and 3/16” through ½” thicknesses, used to distribute the forces applied when tightening.

ALLIED BOLT AND SCREW carries over 5,000 different sizes of WOOD SCREWS from #4 through #24 (3/8) Diameter through 6” Length.

ALLIED BOLT AND SCREW carries 11 different sizes of NEOPRENE (RUBBER) WASHERS, #6 through 1”, which are used to create a leak-proof seal and provide a moisture barrier when used in conjunction with the proper fastener.

Our HOT GALVANIZED HORSESHOE SHIMS are available in 4 thicknesses : 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2”, designed to be used with a 3/4″ diameter rod or bolt, typically in order to make an adjustment due to a small gap or to provide a more level surface.

Shachihata Hand And Surface Sanitizer Spray is effective against 99.99 percent of germs and designed to help customers fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.   WHO recommended / Hospital Strength / Made in the USA.

ALLIED BOLT AND SCREW  carries Commercial Grade 6 and 7 Mil Thick , 9” Long NITRILE GLOVES.

ALLIED BOLT AND SCREW  carries OIL DRAIN PLUGS AND GASKETS, which are the large ‘bolts’ or ‘plugs’ that secure the drain hole in the oil pan, and fitted with a gasket or o-ring to prevent leakage.

‘Sven Can See’ Anti Fog Spray Gel comes in an easy to use, pen-like spray bottle that utilizes the breakthrough ‘Spray, Wipe n’ Go!’ Technology, making application simple! Just one drop keeps your eyewear free of fog for 24 hours and it’s safe to use on almost every lens type, including prescription glasses, safety glasses, sunglasses, goggles, masks and face shields.