TOGGLER® Brand SNAPTOGGLE® Heavy-Duty Hollow Wall Anchors carry twice the load in a smaller hole than standard anchors. Other benefits of using our Toggler® Bolt Anchors are that they are reusable in the same hole just by removing the screw without losing the anchor in the wall, it is a simple one-person installation and the metal channel pushes aside any insulation behind the wall.

Our Toggler® Bolt Anchors can be used in Drywall, Gypsum Board, Plasterboard, Cement Board, Green Board, Plaster, Concrete Block, Stucco, Composite Panels, Acoustic Ceilings, Fiberglass and more.

Our Toggler® Bolt Anchors are used in hanging applications such as Shelving, Bathroom Accessories, Flat Screen TV’s, Draperies, Curtain Rods, Blinds, Mirrors and so much more.

Most major manufacturers of Hand Rails and TV Mounts either package the SNAPTOGGLE® ANCHORS with their products or specify them for installing their products.

BA (10-24) and BB (1/4-20) SNAPTOGGLE® Toggle Bolts have a grip range of 3/8” to 3-5/8”.

BE (5/16-18), BC (3/8-16) and BD (1/2-13) SNAPTOGGLE® Toggle Bolts have a grip range of 3/8” to 2-1/2”.

BAL (10-24) and BBL (1/4-20) LONG STRAP SNAPTOGGLE® Toggle Bolts have a grip range of 2” to 9-1/2”.


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