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High-Speed Steel Drill Bit & Carbon Steel Tap Sets that provide good wear resistance in general purpose holemaking applications in a range of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


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Developments coming to Boston

Reprinted from BosToday

From the constantly evolving Seaport District to new hotels in the city’s skyline, it seems like there are major developments popping up everywhere we look.

We’re keeping our eyes on newly announced projects, like a $50 million recreation facility for the Boys and Girls Club in Dorchester, and looking ahead to some of the most groundbreaking developments to come later this year.

Coolidge Corner Theatre Expansion

290 Harvard St., Brookline | August 2022

The historic Brookline theatre is getting a massive makeover this year — a $12.5 million one, to be exact. The Campaign for the Coolidge is adding 14,000 sqft, which will include two new theatres and a community engagement center. The design by architecture firm Höweler + Yoon will compliment the space’s art deco feel.

MBTA Green Line Extension

Somerville and Medford | Spring 2022

One of the most anticipated developments in the citythe MBTA Green Line extension should be completed this spring. This update will extend the northern end of the Green Line from Lechmere to Union Square in Somerville and College Avenue in Medford, supporting an increased ridership of more than 50,000 trips per day.

Raffles Hotel & Residences

40 Trinity Pl. | Fall 2022

Luxury international hotel chain Raffles is opening up its first North American venture right here in Back Bay. The mixed-use property will offer 157 hotel rooms + 146 residences within its 35 stories. You’ll certainly notice this addition to the Boston skyline.

Of course, we have to give an honorable mention to The Superette, the grand piazza making its way to the Seaport this spring or summer.

(Psst… This list isn’t meant to be comprehensive. If there is a construction project you’d like to share with us, send it our way. We love hearing about new developments + businesses.)

Product Spotlight TOGGLER HOLLOW WALL ANCHORS - Allied Bolt

Our TOGGLER® Plastic Toggle Hollow Wall Anchor, with its patented enhancements, locks on walls and ceilings for vibration-proof holding, depending on its grip range, providing optimum secure holding power for light and medium loads in all walls such as drywall and gypsum board.

The TOGGLER ANCHOR® has anti-rotation fins that prevent spinning. They are extremely versatile as all size anchors require a 5/16” drill and can be used with any size screw from #6 through #14.

Typical applications include hanging shelving, bathroom accessories, draperies, curtain rods, blinds, mirrors and so much more.

Click here to see & purchase our TOGGLER hollow-wall anchors.

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Boston Construction News- Boston tops San Francisco Bay Area to lead U.S. life-sciences lab construction

Reprinted from Silicon Valley

Boston, with more lab space under construction than anywhere else in the U.S., is poised to surpass the San Francisco Bay Area as the country’s biggest hub for life sciences.

For now, the Boston metropolitan area, including Cambridge, is slightly smaller with about 32 million square feet (3 million square meters) of life-sciences space, compared with almost 34 million in the Bay Area, according to Colliers. But Boston has 62 million square feet under construction or proposed — far more than the 18 million square feet in the West Coast metro, a report by the brokerage shows.

The Boston area, with a talent pool fed by dozens of colleges and universities, is pulling in more venture capital money, bolstering its ecosystem of big pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and biotech startups. To meet demand, landlords are busy converting offices, hotels and retail space into labs, and building projects from the ground up.

Among recent deals, Eli Lilly & Co. said it plans to invest about $700 million to establish a genetic-medicine research center in Boston’s Seaport district. The company is leasing space at a 12-story building being developed by Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc., set to be completed in 2024.

“Boston will clearly define itself as the No. 1 hub for biosciences,” said Jeff Myers, a research director for Colliers. “If there is any doubt, the next couple years will clear that doubt away.”

Product Spotlight Knurled Brass Thumb Screw

A knurled brass thumb screw is a type of screw with a tall head and knurled sides, intended to be tightened and loosened by hand.

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Allied Bolt and Screw Corporation, a Small Business incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Richard ‘Dick’ Goldberg, has been building strong relationships since 1961 with an expansive quality inventory, exceptional service and highly valued customer appreciation. Allied stocks a large selection of Knurled Brass Thumb Screws. Contact Us for more information.

Reprinted from Forbes

COVID-19 has caused mass disruption to the construction industry—and things are only getting more complicated. Between the rapid spread of Omicron, the threat of future variants, and the potential for a “flurona twindemic,” the virus’ impact will be felt on job sites for a long time to come.

Let’s take a look at what that could mean for the construction industry.

Covid-19 Issues Exacerbate Labor Shortage

The construction industry was already moving toward a labor crisis before Covid-19. Workers have been aging out without fresh employees to replace them—and coupled with the significant growth in projects and construction spending (projected to rise by 3.7% over each of the next three years), this becomes a significant issue for a multi-trillion dollar industry.

It looks even worse as the Covid-inspired Great Resignation kicks into full gear. With workers nationwide seeking more fulfilling jobs, better pay or a greater work-life balance, the numbers are disturbing. In November, more than 4.5 million workers quit their jobs. This is the highest number recorded since the government began tracking. Looking specifically at construction, quit levels spiked up to reach 207,000 in November alone.

When you consider worker frustrations rising due to supply chain issues that disrupt job scheduling, and thus payroll, we have a very serious problem. Simply put, construction can’t absorb a prolonged loss of talent at this level—especially with limited options for talent coming in; unemployment now stands at just 3.9%. We’ve got to figure out ways to attract and retain workers.

Vaccine Mandates Create Havoc

Staffing becomes that much tougher when you factor in vaccine mandates, which remain a source of contention across much of the U.S. labor force. Construction worker vaccination rates have consistently lagged those of the greater population, and as many as 75% of unvaccinated workers say that they would quit a job rather than get the shot. Construction companies are feeling the effects.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA)’s rules, all workers must be vaccinated at businesses with at least 100 employees. Employers may opt to allow for weekly testing and mandated masking instead, which allows a little leeway, but steep fines accompany violations—over $13,000 per violation, with the potential for substantial increases. This puts organizations in a tight spot. How are they to keep track of who’s vaxxed, and who’s not?

Collecting health and safety information is one thing. Maintaining it and using it wisely is another. Worker health and vaccine status can change at a moment’s notice, and mandates continue to evolve. Most general contractors don’t have a reliable system to keep track of this data. As a result, it’s difficult to figure out which members of the workforce can be deployed on which job. It also puts employment status at risk at a time when companies can’t afford to lose workers.

And Then There Is Safety

Construction has historically been a very hands-on industry, often with multiple teams working on a job site at once and in close proximity. How can companies prevent workers from catching or spreading Covid-19 on a job site without compromising project timelines?

The CDC has instituted a number of guidelines for both construction workers and the organizations that employ them—some more practical than others. Without additional help, general contractors and employees may not be able to fully protect themselves in every environment.

New Technologies Address Concerns

Fortunately, construction-specific technology development was on the rise before Covid-19 took hold. Investors are devoting far more resources to the industry than ever before, and as a result, new innovations are coming to market faster.

Here’s my list of the big three construction technologies currently available that can address the issues highlighted above.

1. Smart Badges

Job badges have been around for a long time, alerting teams of who’s on-site, where they are from, what their role is, etc. They’re an important component of security. Now they’ve gotten smarter, as in they can understand workers’ movements and gain knowledge of how many people are in specific areas of a job site through zone density tracking. They can also put out an alert (audio and/or visual) when workers get too close to one another in order to enforce social distancing but still allow employees to function efficiently.

2. Worksite Management Software

Smart badges often connect to worksite management software. This means that if a specific individual contracts Covid-19, the company can conduct thorough and accurate contact tracing in a matter of seconds, notifying any potentially exposed individuals so that they can take appropriate measures, while also preventing a job site from becoming a Covid hot zone.

Additionally, worksite management software can become indispensable in terms of staffing and compliance. Platforms enable companies to track and manage individuals’ vaccination status, any religious exemptions, as well as project-related mandates in real time so that organizations can easily get the right people to the right job sites. Companies can stay in compliance and avoid possible fines or shutdowns while still respecting employees’ health-related decisions.

3. Access Control

An exciting development for construction has been the deployment of technologies like cameras and drones to record images and videos of job sites. During the Covid era, such technologies can be used to limit the number of employees on-site by enabling a good chunk of work to be conducted virtually. This comes in handy over the short term when workers are quarantined or have a mild case of Covid-19; employees can still work remotely and continue getting paid without using up sick or vacation time as projects keep moving.

At the same time, being able to work remotely can also help with the worker shortage. Project managers can potentially oversee multiple projects at once if they are not required to be on-site, empowering construction firms to accomplish more with fewer employees. And workers who are considering changing jobs can often be wooed by the prospect of working from anywhere—with the latest technologies.

With tools like these in place, we can keep workers safe, projects on track and address critical labor needs.

Image of EZ Anchors - Product Spotlight E-Z ANCHORS

A tubular device, tapered from top to bottom, with a countersunk lip at the top end, a deep cutting thread around the outside of the anchor body, and a tapered end at the bottom designed to puncture and drill a hole in drywall. This anchor drills its own hole in, and works in any thickness of drywall, without tearing the paper coating. It can easily be backed out of its hole with a #2 screwdriver bit. It’s designed for use in lightweight applications, such as curtain hardware, small pictures and lightweight signs. It should not be used for overhead applications.

  • Anchor splits and grips for strong hold
  • An audible click will indicate the anchor is secure
  • No pre-drilling necessary, installs with #2 Phillips screw driver

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Allied Bolt and Screw Corporation, a Small Business incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Richard ‘Dick’ Goldberg, has been building strong relationships since 1961 with an expansive quality inventory, exceptional service and highly valued customer appreciation. Allied stocks a large selection of E-Z Anchors and 10s of thousands of other products. Contact Us for more information.


BOSTON — MassDevelopment has issued $53.6 million in tax-exempt bond financing to Washington Pine LLC for the construction of a five-story, 202-unit complex in Boston.

Located at 3368 Washington St., the building will house 140 units of supportive housing for individuals transitioning out of homelessness, and the remaining 62 units will be affordable apartments. All residential units will be managed by The Community Builders Inc., while long-term support for all formerly homeless residents will be provided by homeless services provider Pine Street Inn. The project will feature 24/7 front desk security, spaces for resident gatherings, fitness rooms, laundry rooms, a parking garage, two plazas and bike repair and storage. Construction is slated for completion by late 2023.

Barings LLC was the corporate bond purchaser.


Allied Bolt and Screw Corporation is well-known around the country for not only our diverse inventory of standard fasteners, but also our vast inventory of ‘SPECIALS’ as well, such as LEFT-HAND THREADED BOLTS!

Allied Bolt and Screw Corporation now carries a full line of Left-Hand Threaded Hex Tap Bolts which are Grade 8, Fully Threaded and Plain Steel.

Left-handed threads are also known as reverse threads. These threads are used in specialized applications in which the application of pressure would force a right-handed screw or bolt to come loose.


About Allied Bolt & Screw

Allied Bolt and Screw Corporation, a Small Business incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Richard ‘Dick’ Goldberg, has been building strong relationships since 1961 with an expansive quality inventory, exceptional service and highly valued customer appreciation. Allied stocks the largest selection of  Left-Hand Threaded Bolts and thousands of other products. Contact Us for more information.


Product Spotlight: Sink Clips - Allied Bolt & Screw carries the largest inventory of sink clips and hardware

Allied carries the following Sink Clips and Sink Inserts:


Allied Bolt and Screw Corporation, a Small Business incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Richard ‘Dick’ Goldberg, has been building strong relationships since 1961 with an expansive quality inventory, exceptional service and highly valued customer appreciation. Allied stocks the largest selection of sink clips and hardware anywhere! Contact Us for more information.