Product Spotlight: 'Sven Can See' Anti Fog Spray Gel


‘Sven Can See’ Anti Fog Spray Gel comes in an easy to use, pen-like spray bottle that utilizes the breakthrough ‘Spray, Wipe n’ Go!’ Technology, making application simple! Just one drop keeps your eyewear free of fog for 24 hours and it’s safe to use on almost every lens type, including prescription glasses, safety glasses, sunglasses, goggles, masks and face shields. It is not recommended for use on contact lenses.

‘Sven Can See’ Anti Fog Spray Gel is biodegradable, odor free, allows 24 hour fog prevention, works year round in cold and high heat, and has the very easy application ‘Spray, Wipe n’ Go! Technology.

One order of ‘Sven Can See’ Anti-Fog Spray Gel, includes (one) 0.27oz / 8ml pen-like spray applicator and (one) microfiber lens cleaning cloth.

The ‘Sven Can See’ Anti-Fog Spray Gel is sprayed on both sides of the surface, rubbed around with the fingers and then any excess is wiped off using the microfiber cloth. A paper towel or cotton cloth should not be used as they will tend to wick the gel off the surface. It only takes water to wash it off.

Indoors, an individual will get approximately 25 uses out of a bottle for safety glasses and about 15 for a faceshield. Outdoors, an individual will get 1 cold day, approximately 3-4 days if the weather is decent.

When scuba diving, we recommend that you rinse out your mask after each dive and thoroughly drying your mask and reapplying the product before your next dive.

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