FREE ALL®  spreads deep into rusted or frozen parts, freeing them in  seconds with ease !  FREE ALL® penetrates rust,
scale, and corrosion to free parts and assemblies instantly.  No more torching, drilling, hammering, or chiseling.  Ideal
for plumbing, automotive, marine, and general industrial applications, freeing up threaded pipe connections, rusted
machine screws, bolts, nuts, clamps for mufflers and tail pipes, universal joints, locks, and much more.  Available in 12
ounce aerosol.
LUBE-IT ALL® is perfect for industrial, automotive, marine, and household applications.  
LUBE-IT ALL® is a great lubricant for protecting parts and machines from corrosion and moisture, forming a thin, dry lubricant coating
to reduce friction and extend the life of parts.  It can be used on electrical, metal and plastic surfaces, rotating parts and gears.  
Available in 12 ounce aerosol.
Both the DARK CUTTING OIL and the LIGHT CUTTING OIL are premium-grade oils that extend die life by cleaning threads, dissipating
heat, and reducing friction.  The
DARK CUTTING OIL is a medium viscosity, mineral type oil with sulphur and lard, ideal for cutting
threads in steel pipe, bolts, and rods.  It can be used on non-ferrous metals when staining isn't critical.  The
non-staining, transparent, low-odor oil that provides protection under heavy loads and high speeds.  
Both are available in 1 gallon containers.
TUB-O TOWELS® contains 90 10" x 12" sheets for big spills or messes.  This heavy duty cleaner removes even the toughest stains .  NO
WATER IS NECESSARY !  It removes stains such as grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, and other hard-to-remove soils.  It is
environmentally friendly.  It is gentle on the hands as it contains lanolin, aloe vera, and vitamin E.
EFS® EXPANDING FOAM insulates and seals around ducts, pipes, air conditioning units, heating equipment vents, and much
more.  It seals interior and exterior applications, and creates an airtight bond.  It blocks insects and pests, and resists mildew.  The
foam dries to the touch in 30 minutes, and cures in 4 hours.  The cured product can be trimmed, sanded, and painted.
Available in 12 ounce aerosol.
STAINLESS STEEL POLISH is ideal for use in restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, and marine applications.  It is acceptable for use in
federally inspected meat and poultry plants.  It polishes stainless steel and chrome surfaces in one application.  It is excellent for
removing tarnish, residues, and oxidation, while leaving a repellant coating.  Available in 15 ounce aerosol.
Light Strength
50 Lbs. Breakaway Torque
Penetrating Strength
90 Lbs. Breakaway Torque
Medium Strength
100 Lbs. Breakaway Torque
High Strength
200 Lbs. Breakaway Torque
   THREAD LOCKERS eliminate the need for lock washers, nylon inserts, and other mechanical locking methods.  They resist
vibrational loosening, and effectively lock set screws, refrigeration fittings, mounting bolts, equipment studs, lug nuts, valve seats,
and much more.