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WILSON ANCHOR BOLT SLEEVES are the cost effective solution to anchor bolt alignment problems. The Wilson Anchor Bolt Sleeve has been specified by engineers for use in nuclear power plants, paper plants, and large manufacturing facilities.

They serve a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Protecting anchor bolts from damage: Anchor bolt sleeves provide a protective barrier around the anchor bolt, preventing it from being damaged by concrete or other materials that may come into contact with it.
  2. Improving anchor bolt performance: By providing a smooth surface for the anchor bolt to slide through, anchor bolt sleeves can help to reduce friction, which can improve the overall performance of the anchor bolt.
  3. Allowing for easier alignment: Anchor bolt sleeves can help to ensure that the anchor bolt is properly aligned during installation, which is important for ensuring that the structure being anchored is properly supported.
  4. Providing a secure fit: Anchor bolt sleeves can be designed to fit tightly around the anchor bolt, providing a secure connection that helps to prevent movement or loosening.
  5. Aesthetic purposes: Anchor bolt sleeves can also be used for aesthetic purposes, to provide a finished look to the anchor bolt installation, or to match the surrounding materials.


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