Video: Structural F1554 Grade 55 Threaded Rods

Structural F1554 Grade 55 threaded rods both plain field and hot galvanized 6 foot or 12 foot and up to 2 inch in diameter. These are used in heavy construction and utility applications. Good line for us—and to have in stock when contractors need them. More often it needs to manufactured in spec. To have them on hand has allowed contractors to start using them immediately. Also stock F1554 Grade 105 for higher durability AND MORE!



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Since 1961 we have been the top provider of F1554 Grade 55 Threaded Rods, Hot Galvanized Anchor Bolts, Rods, Studs, Nuts, Washers, screws and 1000s of products. Allied Bolt & Screw can fulfill any building and manufacturing need. Contact Us for more information.