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The Many Uses For Hot Galvanized Square Washers

Hot galvanized square washers are versatile components used across various industries and applications. These washers provide a smooth bearing surface and are primarily used in construction where building codes require the use of washers for wood and timber applications. The hot-dip galvanized coating offers a layer of protection from environmental elements, making these washers especially useful in outdoor or corrosive settings.

Durability and Corrosion Resistance

The galvanization process involves coating the steel washer with a layer of zinc, which prevents corrosion. This is essential for structures that are exposed to weather elements such as rain, snow, or high humidity. Hot galvanized square washers are particularly favored in marine environments and areas with high salt exposure.

Load Distribution

Square washers have a larger surface area than round washers. This allows for better load distribution when tightening fasteners, reducing the risk of damage to the material being secured. This is especially important when working with softwoods or other delicate materials that might be prone to splitting or cracking.

Construction and Timber Work

In timber construction, square washers are used alongside bolts and nuts to create strong joints in wooden structures. They can be used in decking, framing, and other applications where robust connections are needed. The washers help to prevent pull-through and can be vital in areas with high wind or seismic activity.

Structural Support

For heavy-duty construction, such as bridges and buildings, hot galvanized square washers work in conjunction with other fasteners to secure beams and girders. They are often used in scaffolding, railing, and other support structures where stability is key.

Home Repairs and DIY Projects

DIY enthusiasts find hot galvanized square washers handy for home projects. They can be used for creating custom furniture, securing outdoor structures like pergolas and gazebos, or for repairs that require extra strength and weather resistance.

Automotive and Machinery

In the automotive industry, these washers are used to ensure secure fittings that are exposed to the elements or subject to high levels of vibration. They also find their place in heavy machinery where secure, durable joints are crucial for safety and performance.

Compatibility with Treated Lumber

Hot galvanized square washers are compatible with pressure-treated lumber, which is treated with chemicals to resist rot, insects, and moisture. The zinc coating protects the washer from the chemicals, which might otherwise corrode standard steel fasteners.

In conclusion, hot galvanized square washers are a reliable and necessary component in any project that requires durable, long-lasting connections, especially in challenging environments. Their ability to resist corrosion, distribute loads effectively, and add structural integrity makes them indispensable in both professional construction and home DIY projects. Whether you’re building a new deck or repairing a piece of outdoor furniture, consider using hot galvanized square washers for a build that lasts.

Did you know: ALLIED BOLT AND SCREW carries over 10 different sizes of HOT GALVANIZED SQUARE WASHERS, ½” through 1” diameters and 3/16” through ½” thicknesses, used to distribute the forces applied when tightening.

Square washers have a large square outside and are thicker than standard washers. The hot galvanized finish allows for exterior use, as they are more corrosion resistant.

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