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Product Spotlight: WEJ-IT® POWER SCREW BOLT™

The POWER-SKRU BOLT ANCHOR™ is a high-strength screw anchor with self-tapping threads that offer a unique undercutting design for anchoring into concrete and masonry.

No secondary setting is needed. The POWER-SKRU BOLT ANCHOR™ provides high-strength performance with low installation torque. A heavy-duty mechanically-galvanized finish is available to enhance corrosion resistance. They are available with a Hex Washer Flange Head With Serrations in diameter s from ¼” through ¾” up to 8” length.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-duty mechanically galvanized finish available
  • Heat treatment provides surface and core hardness
  • One-piece design with finished washer head
  • Serrated head facilitates a positive lock between bolt and application surface for enhanced vibration resistance
  • Hardened, self-tapping threads feature a revolutionary undercutting design allowing for immediate load application
  • Reduces required installation torque so they can be installed with an impact or socket wrench and can be removed and reinstalled
  • Anchor length is stamped on head to ease identification pre- and post-installation
  • Easier and faster installation than mechanical expansion anchors
  • Prepare hole with lower-cost ANSI B212.15 standard bit – no metric or off-size bits needed
  • Lower spacing and edge distance requirements than mechanical expansion anchors


Allied Bolt and Screw Corporation, a Small Business incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Richard ‘Dick’ Goldberg, has been building strong relationships since 1961 with an expansive quality inventory, exceptional service and highly valued customer appreciation. Allied is the one to call for POWER-SKRU BOLT ANCHORS any any other supplies you need.  Contact Us for more information.