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Nylon Bolts, Nylon Screws, Nylon Nuts, Nylon Washers, Nylon Screw Covers And More

Nylon fasteners are non-corrosive, vibration resistant and anti-magnetic. They are often used in hospitals, electrical fields, the chemical industry, oil refineries, food processing and more.

Nylon fasteners have several head configurations such as Hex Head, Slotted Head, Phillips Head and Socket Head.

Nylon is a tough material that is difficult to tear and exhibits excellent abrasion resistance. It can bend and will bounce back. It is not damaged by oils, solvents or alcohols. However, when exposed to acids such as dilute sulfuric acid it will begin to break down. The material will also be damaged if it comes into contact with phenols, alkalis, and iodine. It is a hygroscopic material and on the molecular level tends to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. Water molecules bond with the amide groups in the nylon molecules and cause the material to swell. At the same time, nylon tends not to absorb water droplets from minor splashing, making it dry to the touch. Nylon will decompose under sunlight. Nylon is not affected by fungi, molds and mildew.

Nylon is used for for making plastic machine parts as it is low cost and long lasting. It is often commonly used in the electronics industry for its non-conductivity and heat resistance. It is used for screws, bolts, washers and nuts as well as Circuit board hardware. Parts made of nylon are often used in mechanisms that rotate or slide due its low coefficient of friction. It is used to make bearings for the appliance industry because of its excellent abrasion resistance.

Nylon is used in cookware since it has a relatively high continuous service temperature. These include spatulas, slotted spoons, turners, forks, tongs, brushes, and more. Nylon is easy to dye. Nylon cookware can be color co-ordinated with kitchen decor. Nylon cooking tools are gentle on non-stick surfaces. Nylon will not burn, but will melt.


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