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A325 VS. A449

These specs are identical with regard to strength and chemistry. There are very minor differences in the hardness requirements, but the proof load, tensile, and yield strength requirements are the same. From a manufacturing standpoint, these bolts are made using the same raw material and the same heat treating and production methods.

The difference between these two specifications (A325 and A449) is the diameter range, configuration, and application. A325 bolts are heavy hex head bolts ONLY, and are designed for structural steel connections. They range in diameter from ½” – 1-1/2” inclusive. Due to their application, an A325 structural bolt has a shorter thread length than a typical heavy hex bolt. If you need a bolt with longer threads, ASTM A449 should be used.
ASTM A449 bolts range in diameter from ¼” – 3” inclusive and are far more flexible in their configuration. In other words, A449 bolts can be a headed bolt, a straight rod with threads, or a bend bolt such as a right angle bend foundation bolt.
With regard to availability, A325 bolts are mass produced and far more common in the marketplace than A449 bolts. Therefore, A325 bolts would be immediately available and considerably less expensive than A449 bolts, unless the bolts you are dealing with are exceedingly long in length. Since the thread length on A325 bolts is very short you should make sure they will be adequate for your application. ASTM suggests using A449 in lieu of A325 when a nonstandard thread length is needed.


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